Founder's Muse December 2017

A great big Welcome to December's Founder's Muse. This month we focus on the presence of God. This month is the nativity month considered by a lot of traditional Christians to be the month that our Lord Jesus Christ was born. However, there is no evidence supporting the exact birth date of Christ as being 25th December. This is primarily the reason why a lot of worshippers decline to celebrate Christmas in this month. They even see it almost as a pagan celebration as a lot of things associated with Christmas nationally have nothing to do with Jesus Christ, for instance a Christmas Tree. Also the act of giving gifts to one another  is frowned upon by many Christians as one of the  most selfish acts carried out at Christmas time. I personally deal with this act of giving gifts to one another as assuming that Christ who is at work within us is actually receiving the gift and not the person whom the gift is given to. This year is the first year my family are celebrating Christmas without my father George, who died in February this year. My thoughts are very much about them at this time my prayer for them is that they turn their hearts towards focusing on the presence of our heavenly father and that they have redemption in Christ Jesus our Lord.  So as we enter into this month and begin preparation for the New year I would like to focus on the presence of God and knowledge received from him to help us in our preparation for living another year on this earth he has provided for us to have dominion over Genesis 1v26.


Look out for December's blog entitled Emmanuel.


In His Service,




Angela D. Martin

Founder, Vine Ministry UK