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Follow Vine Ministry UK on twitter for the online Ministry including a New Live Online Monthly Bible study on Facebook particularly geared at newly Baptised Christians and those thinking of becoming Christians as it covers the whole bible starting from Genesis right through to Revelation. It also would appeal to all  those who experience difficulty committing to daily Bible study. If you find that this Ministry has blessed you in some way why not share this website with your friends and family by going to the share buttons at the bottom of this page. Also we appreciate your much required support.  Seeds for this Ministry go to the following link and help Vine Ministry UK to reach out to more people  Donations. I shall pray over every seed sown into this Ministry on your behalf.

I Look forward to hearing from you all who visit this website.

So do not hesitate. I try to make sure I answer every email that is received through the website.


May our Lord Bless and Keep you,


In His Service,



Angela D. Martin

Founder, Vine Ministry UK