About Vine Ministry UK

Vine Ministry UK is based on truth (scripture), Evangelism and teaching. The initial objective of this Ministry is to alert people of all walks of life about  Righteous living. That is, living our lives to please God. It is only with the acknowledgement that we are unable to do this without the help of Jesus that we truly become enlightened and that by following his example. Observing his word in the Bible, and meditating on it daily, and actualising what we discover are we truly

righteous. Also acknowledging the fact that God is sovereign and that it is by his grace that we are saved., called to be righteous. The objective of this website is to provide  knowledge via books written by the author and the Holy Bible. Provide information on current affairs on topics in discussion . To supply adequate help  and encouragement through prayer and future projects including workshops, events and recommended churches. Also to proactively communicate with all who visit this website via blogs and email and other forms of Social Media Contact.

About the Founder

Angela Martin is 49 years old, she was born in London to West Indian parents. Angela is the youngest of five siblings .  Angela is a Post graduate of King's College London graduating in Information Processing and Neural Networks.   She officially came to faith in 2012  when she was baptised with water Baptism at Duke Street Church Richmond by the Rev. Stuart Cashman.  In July 2015 Angela decided to take a leap of faith and start formulating Vine Ministry UK.  Don't forget to leave your comments. Also if anything that you read on this website blesses you feel free to comment or donate which ever the Lord directs you to do. Everything received with be received with thankfulness.