Prophesy/Evangelism Today

Prophesy/Evangelism Today


1Chronicles 16:34



Luke1:76  and John 1:v 6-8;15-37;

(John the Baptist)


Welcome to the first blog of 2018, a little different from the one I had scheduled,but leads on from the Founder's Muse that I shared with you earlier this month. This month's topic as you may have gathered is about Prophesy and Evangelism. What is Prophesy and what is Evangelism?  Should there be a distinction between the two gifts of the spirit? If so, what and why? Well in order to answer this question let us turn our attention to scripture. What does the Bible have to say about Prophesy and Evangelism? 

You will note that I began this blog by introducing one of the key evangelist/prophet, John the Baptist, as our focus point for discussion. Here we see in Luke 1:76 and John1:6-8;15-37; that John the Baptist is described as both a Prophet and an Evangelist.

Evangelism is classified as a noun and defined is the preaching or promulgation of the gospel; the work of an evangelist.evangelicalism. missionary zeal, purpose, or activity.

Prophesy is classified as a nounplural prophecies. and defined as the foretelling or prediction of what is to come.

something that is declared by a prophet, especially a divinely inspired prediction, instruction, or exhortation. a divinely inspired utterance or revelation:

oracular prophecies.the action, function, or faculty of a prophet.


It would appear therefore. that Evangelism and Prophecy are both closely related by definition. The similarities stop at the fact that they are both vocal gifts. The fundamental difference is that a Prophecy is not only a divine utterance, but it refers specifically to the future where as evangelism speaks about the past and the present. To many Prophets evangelism would be regarded as word of knowledge in the sense that it speaks about the word of God the Gospel.



John 1:42, 51 and John1:v43-45


The perfect example of how Prophecy and Evangelism are to go hand in hand can be seen in the verses described here as demonstrated by Jesus. Jesus not only evangelises with very little effort he then demonstrates by Prophecy which validates his identity, his authority and the truth of his testimony.



1 Samuel 3:4-13

To conclude, in order for an individual to be an effective evangelist they must be familiar with scripture. Should we infer therefore that a Prophet does not necessarily have to be well informed about scripture just to be filled with the spirit of God? (1 Samuel 3v7)

Some testimonies sound remarkably like parts of scripture. For instance for those of you who have read and listened to Founder’s Muse February 2018, will note that Tomi’s testimony sounded very similar to what the Prophet Samuel experienced in the book of 1 Samuel 3:4-13 with respects to his calling. In fact almost too similar, and as Christians should we be a little suspect at the testimony and wonder whether there was a slight exaggeration or if it really happened exactly as he had told it. I am sure a lot of you want to investigate this testimony. I felt very moved to do so. It was my intention to encourage a discussion from that Muse. 


Petit Flours


1John4:1,  2Corinthians11:13-15


Should we accept that a true Evangelist is someone who knows their Bible inside out as being the criteria and only criteria for identifying them as an Evangelist? Or that because we hear a plausible testimony from someone announcing himself as a Prophet to be the criteria by which we accept that they are in deed a Prophet? I would like to suggest that there has to be spiritual intervention to make their testimony plausible. In other words there has to be something about the person giving the testimony which you can clearly identify as being the truth. There must be revelation in that testimony which goes beyond the scripture. I guess what I am talking about is wisdom, knowledge and understanding received from God. Of course we can assess by if what they say does in fact come to pass. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.Also, we can assess the rank at which that Prophet has authority by what level of revelation he exhibits.


As per usual your Gratuities are welcome below.


Further reading: 




Deuteronomy 18:20


See you next month God be willing.


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Angela D. Martin


Founder, Vine Ministry UK


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